Take your career to the next level, and bring economic and social value to the international community.

The DBA program is a fully-fledged Doctoral Degree, with a focus on professional experience rather than pure academic research.

Designed to fit the candidate’s professional life, the Doctorate of Business Administration will provide the necessary tools to contribute to the production of applied science in the areas of management and business administration. This is achieved through a tailor-made coaching and supervision by our doctoral faculty.



Diploma issued by the University of Reston (EUA) and Ascencia Business School.

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Associated skills :

  • C1 – Conduct original investigations; test, apply and examine his or her own ideas as well as others
  • C2 – Understand the relationship between his or her theme and a wider field of knowledge
  • C3 – Identify current issues and apply relevant theories for problem-solving

Associated skills :

  • C1 – Mastering the specific procedures or techniques used to identify, select, process, and analyze information about a topic
  • C2 – Critically evaluating a study’s overall validity and reliability

Associated skills :

  • C1 – Understanding and using the four main types of quantitative research designs: descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental and experimental.

Associated skills :

  • C1 – Using in depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research and content analysis
  • C2 – Describing inferences from data

Associated skills :

  • C1 – Showing one’s understanding of the research topic
  • C2 – Demonstrating the relevance of a research question
  • C3 – Justifying the process adopted (choice of the theoretical framework and conceptual and methods adopted)
  • C4 – Defending the relevance of results and proposed recommendations

Associated skills :

  • C1 – Showing one’s abilty to synthethise concepts
  • C2 – Demonstrating an ability to argue and explain data
  • C3 – Defending the relevance of results and porposed recommendations